Professional machine embroidery on quality materials.

While we are not for years on the market, we are replacing years of experience with enthusiasm for the work we enjoy, high-quality backgrounds and high-end machines starting with and ending with high-quality technical support. We have a number of satisfied customers and companies that have decided to try our cooperation with us, creating a long-term business partnership based on trust and quality, always delivered in time. You can choose from a huge amount of textiles from proven suppliers. We guarantee the quality and flair of our products that meet the highest standards.

Clients do not distinguish between small and large, each is equally important to us!

Examples of our embroidery

  • Vysivka Polstar Monroe
  • Vysivka Orel
  • Vysivka Polstar Zebry
  • PzBDEcwfQnWfYU4fdp0A Thumb 15ea
  • JkgnmszkSjyurePTXW8tg Thumb 1b09
  • Vysivka ZES Vision
  • Tigr

    Good prices

    We offer reasonable prices for guaranteed quality of production and favorable business conditions.

    and expertise

    We guarantee the quality of your orders. We only use high quality materials from verified manufacturers.


    We are able to adapt your needs from the start of the production to the delivery of the order.

    Professional equipment

    We use a professional Tajima Japanese machine with many years of experience in the manufacture of embroidery and patches.

      360 x 500 mm
    • Max. number of colors:

    • Speed of embroidery:

      1200 stitches/min

    Quality materials

    Our goal is to produce quality embroidery and embroidery. Many factors influence their quality. From embroidery machine, program, etc. to embroidery threads. We use Marathon viscose yarns.
    All embroidery threads are twisted twisted by a twist twist, 120D/2 or 75D/2 according to Asian standards. Yarns are made of 100% viscose and are characterized by extreme tensile strength and silky luster. They are considered to be one of the most suitable for high-end embroidery machines.
    The Marathon viscose embroidery yarns we work with have been selected for the manufacture of embroidery and patches for several reasons. First, it's a high quality thread that allows us to create great embroidery and embroidery. Also important is the wide color spectrum. That's why customers can really choose any motif and color design of the patchwork.
    Available colors of embroidery yarns on request.

    We sew on different materials

    We care about every thread

    Sewing is machine-perfect!

    Our satisfied customers

    Topvysivka - dodavatel kvalitních výšivek

    Flavio company s.r.o.

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      +420 725 005 919
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